What Does Visa On Arrival Mean?

visa on arrival

VOA or visa on arrival is one of the easiest ways to get a visa without long waiting for it. You will not have to go through the several processes like applying for the USA marriage visa. The all you need to do is to buy a ticket and get on the plane and go to a particular country for your tourism purposes.

But who knows if it is so easy to get, and what do visa on arrival mean? In this article, we are to figure out all the details.

How Could I Get A Visa On Arrival?

Naturally, it is really a good opportunity to get a visa without potential hassles of applying for one. If you are a tourist and came for a few days to see the spectacular views or sights in a particular country then it is just for you.

But keep in mind, if you want to stay for a long period, set your own business, study, and work there then you will definitely need to apply for a visa. One more warning for you is the fact that not every country offers its visitors to get a visa upon arrival. There are several nationalities that are not allowed to get visa-free or visa on arrival entry to the country you are visiting. So, if you are unlucky one and belong to them, then you can not enter the country. What is more, the airline would not even let you board the plane. If it happens one would need to postpone his visit and go to an embassy to apply for a visa. That is why it is better for you to check all the necessary information beforehand.

What Should I Do After Arrival?

First of all, after you reached your destination you still have to do the footwork. Depending on the country you came to you may have different requirements. For example, the difference can be in the procedure of applying for a VOA as some countries prefer you to apply online prior to your departure. But if the country does not require this, you just need to wait for some time. Of course, in a high season, you may wait longer than usual.

After that, you will probably have to fill in a form, where you should answer for all sorts of details. The questions may vary as it depends on the country you want to visit. Some of them can even ask for your parents’ name, blood group, and religious beliefs.

After that, you’ll have to pay some money. Fortunately, you can pay in US Dollars or the local currency if you want. It will cost you for around 50 – 100 dollars is common.

And remember that you have to tick “tourism” on the line of the “purpose of visit” to get your visa.

What Are The Benefits Of VOM?

Finally, those people, who still hesitate whats visa on arrival really means could get acquainted with all the advantages of this procedure. So, here is a short list of them:

• this process doesn’t need more documents;

• no waiting period for the visa to be granted.

• saves everyone’s time.

• reduced traveling cost.