Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Restaurants

interesting facts about restaurants

Business meetings, romantic dates, casual takeout, family dinners, and boston cooking classes for singles are only a short list of events we spend in restaurants. Why do people eat out these days? Some are looking for a special ambiance while others are obsessed with new food experience, starting from baby dill pickles up to  mangosteen or roasted beetles.. Does somebody know what stays behind the beauty we see entering the restaurant?

One should know that not only the restaurant tables and chairs make the restaurant industry look perfect but the years of hard work and improvement. So, here are some little-known interesting facts about restaurants.

  • A restaurant is a term with a great history – originally, in French, this word means “food that restores”. The word restaurant in the Middle Ages is known to change its’ meaning. It was used to describe any of a variety of rich bouillons made with chicken, beef, roots, and herbs. This popular meal was not easy to cook. So, one man wrote on his window “Come to me, all who labor in the stomach, and I will restore you”. Till this time the place where he sold his meal was called a restaurant
  •  The world’s largest restaurant is in Syria – this is one of the most interesting restaurants, as well as one of the largest restaurant in the world. Its name is Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant, and it translates to Damascus Gate Restaurant. This place is located in Damascus and has over 6,014 seating places inside.
  • The average American spends $2505 eating out – this is statistics according to the United States Department of Labor. Almost 50 percent of Americans think that it is better not to cook at home and admit that they hate to cook. On the other hand, only 15 percent said they love to cook, and 35 others are indifferent.
  • The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $5000 – it is hard to believe, but the 666 food track in New York sells burgers with truffles and Himalayan salt. Such a cuisine costs for about $666 per one burger. Moreover, Las Vegas offers a $777 Kobe beef burger with the lobster inside. But the most expensive burger among them all is Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay burger that costs $5000. This delicious dish consists of a Wagyu beef and foie gras burger patty topped with truffle sauce and shaved black truffles. All this served on a brioche truffle bun.
  • Half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry – this is one of the fun facts about restaurants, as the research shows that over 25 percent of those people have their first job in a restaurant. Maybe, that is the reason why most people consider such a job as a temporary or transitional one.
  • Fast food restaurants cheat their customers – the first information that is not true is about dietary salads in fast food stores. Almost all salads you order in fast food restaurants are as harmful to your figure as one Big Mac. One more deception is those grill marks on your burger. You know, they aren’t real. Those marks were put there by the factory. No less shocking fact concerns the meat is that fast food restaurants use in their chili meat from old burgers. It is even one of the main ingredients. This is just taken from old burgers and cooked again.