6 SAAS Customer Life Cycle Stages

Customer Life

Many entrepreneurs do not understand at what stage of development their company is located and often overestimate its scale, guided by thoughts of the fastest possible growth. If you are planning a long-term business, you need to work to improve the quality of services and customer service methods, to form a steady commitment of consumers. To achieve these goals, a lot of people apply to Customer Success Training.

What are the customer life cycle stages?

The purpose of the first stage is to attract consumers’ attention and to form the desire to buy your services. The stage of attraction solves the problem of identifying the target audience. Remember, if you do not want to lose your customers,  the content of the site should be as informative and useful as possible. You will probably need social networks and blogs that can generate additional attention to the target audience.

The next stage of the customer lifecycle is the conversation. Here, very important is to demonstrate all the benefits of the service.

The sale is the third stage of the customer life cycle. Educating clients is to create a consistent algorithm for influencing a potential buyer. Marketers provide it with useful information about the service, payment methods, and service delivery process, quality and guarantees, confirming the expected value of the transaction. The proposal to the client should be as personalized as possible and take into account all objections. This is the critical moment of any marketing.

The closing of the transaction is not less important than the receipt of money on account of the company. The stage includes the establishment of communications for feedback, quality control of the provision of services, and execution of the necessary written documentation.

The next stages in client lifecycle are activation, renewal, and referral. Of course, every step is essential in its way. But to the client to be satisfied and have the desire to continue to cooperate with your business, it is necessary to perform not only fulfill obligations in time, volume and quality of the promised services but also offer free additional value in the form of surprises and compliments. Moreover, encourage loyal customers to attract new customers.

You should offer more. It very important is to have a sales strategy that allows you to propose additional services to the customer.

Every owner of the business should understand that after the end of the trial period, the user decides whether to continue to use the service you offer or not. For this reason, you should allow your potential client to learn as more about the software as possible and, of course, show all the benefits of it.