5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Bag to Suit Your Body Type

Right Bag

When it comes to women’s wardrobe, a handbag plays a vital role in creating a perfect outfit. It is one of the essential accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. What is particular of bags is their capacity to flatter your shape, complement your look and even create a more balanced overall appearance. However, choosing the right type of the bad to suit your body shape may be a challenge. If you do not follow the below-mentioned tips, you can spoil your look. Choosing the perfect handbag is as important as choosing the right cake nozzles to decorate a cake: if you select the wrong cake nozzle, the top of the cake may look unattractive and not appealing. 

What Color of Bag Goes With Everything?

If you want to choose a bag that will perfectly go with everything, select the one that you will be able to wear often. The best decision is to buy a classic designer bag in black or brown. It is the best decision for regular use.

What Types Of Handbag Styles Fit Your Body Shape?

·        Tall and thin body shape

If you belong to those women who have a slim and tall figure, then hooray! You can experiment with different bag types. You can try any shape or style for example, knapsacks, backpacks, messenger bags, clutches or sport shoulder bags. However, take into consideration that you should avoid mini-sized bags. Why? Because they will make you look taller than you are and look unnatural. Therefore, choosing big or medium-sized bags is the best solution for you.

·        Apple-shaped figure and big bust

Avoid small-sized containers, as they will draw even more attention to your hips. Instead, choose messenger bags, long-handle bags or shoulder bags. Choose purses that are over your arm. For those women who want to make an accent on their body shape, but have a small bust, clutches and small handheld bags are the best decision.

·        Tiny and petite women

Keep up with your proportions. If you are a tiny and petite girl or woman, then choose small size bags that over your arm or shoulder to fit your body. Do not opt for those large bags that are in fashion. If you buy large bags, they will make you look even shorter than you are. 

·        Rounded with wide hips

If you have this body shape, then your task will be to distract the attention from the hips to other parts. How to do it? Opt for bright medium-sized shoulder bags with short straps. Avoid big size bags, as they will make your hips look more full.

·        Athletic figure

Pay attention to rounded and plump pockets only. You can opt for different bags with 3D print, embroidered pictures, etc. 

·        Average or plus size figures

Average-sized bags with bright prints or original designs are the best solution for you. It will not only shape your body but will be a great assistant to carry all your stuff with you.